Our Services 


We provide transportation services using a variety of Heavy Duty (HD) trucks. We have different kinds of tanker truck to transport liquid cargo. In order to achieve maximum efficiency for our customers, we are equipped with a range of trucks from 6-wheeler to 10-wheeler for Light Duty (LD) trucks, and a range from 14-wheeler, and 22-wheel for Heavy Duty trucks. To accommodate different needs for our customers, we accommodate Mild Steel Tank (capacity from 8000 liters to 40000 liters), Stainless Steel Tank (capacity from 5000 liters to 40000 liters) and ISO Tank (capacity from 18000 liters to 27500 liters, insulated or non-insulated available). For solid cargo, we have drop-side open cargo, wingbox, container and regular box trucks with different capacities.

Environment and Safety

PT. Surya Mitra Tirta Kencana is concerned in environmental issues, which we strive to reduce environmental damages caused by our activities in our surrounding location. By monitoring and replacing old vehicles, and replacing with newer, EURO-compliant vehicles, we are aiming to comply to the government's emission regulation, improve performances, and efficiency within our scope of business. Choosing recycled and recyclable parts and consumables, such as recycled engine oil, retreadable tires to reduce waste and safe disposal of non-recyclable materials [ needs rephrase ] "Serve The Bese" is our motto, whether in office, workshop, or on the road. We provides safety equipment for our vehicles in the line of duty to comply to safety regulations within local regulations.


We have a close relationship with local mechanic schools, and we invite students to gain knowledge and working experience within our workshop as a Corporate Social Responsibility programs.