Operational Time
General Information
Monday - Saturday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. (WIT)

Garage :
1. 116 Nambangan St. Surabaya
2. Krikilan St.
PT. Surya Mitra Tirta Kencana is a transport service company based in Surabaya, INDONESIA. We provide transport solution for your business, using combination of truck/trailer with a tank, ISO tanks, open box, wing box and container. The company is first established during 1970's by our CEO, which are currently active. We are a solid growing company, supported by dedicated and very experienced staffs in transportation industry. Currently, within the second generation of the family business, we are thriving to do our best by combining experience and expertise to serve our customers. We began our business by operating a single used truck in 1970's to serve own commodity business. We have been expanding and growing into hundreds of fleet, serving hundreds of Small and Medium Businesses, Large Multinational Companies and Foreign Companies which operates in Indonesia.